When deciding on a job, you probably examine a number of factors, including work responsibilities, location, and salary. But if you’re not taking into consideration the benefits the employer offers, you might be missing out. A good benefits package can improve your work experience and personal life in major ways.

Less Stress

Certain benefits can reduce your stress level by making it easier for you to balance work and life. Even minor annoyances like scheduling a service repairman can cause stress if you can’t get time off to deal with it. The company’s policy for paid time off can give you the time needed to take care of personal business, attend children’s school events, or even take a spa day.

Many employers are offering flexible schedules, four-day work weeks, or work-at-home options. Offering flexible or adjustable working hours has become a recruiting tool for employers, so be sure to ask about it in job interviews.

Financial Security

Benefits that contribute to your financial security should be a priority for you. These may include savings or retirement plans and insurance such as workman’s compensation and disability insurance. Although you will pay for these, the advantages are worth the costs.

Disability insurance is more affordable if you get it through your employer. Both short-term and long-term disability plans will help to replace income if you become injured or ill. Short-term disability typically covers temporary medical situations, whereas long-term disability applies to medical conditions that require long periods of time off the job.

Health and Well-being

Health insurance, including vision and dental, are integral parts of almost all benefits packages. But many employees are also offering other kinds of benefits designed to promote good health and well-being. Some employers will offer free gym memberships or wellness programs that assist with diet and nutrition, smoking cessation, diabetes management, or stress relief.

Increasingly, employers are also offering mental health benefits. These can include access to counseling sessions, employee assistance programs, substance abuse counseling, and onsite meditation or stress management programs.

If you’re searching for a job or thinking of changing employment, take a close look at the benefits prospective employers may be offering. Before accepting a job, make sure that your employer offers a good benefits package with choices that fit your lifestyle. Making benefits a priority can make a huge impact on your work satisfaction.

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