Deciding what to do with your life can be both exciting and scary. There are a lot of options available for you to explore and you probably have at least a few paths that interest you. If you are concerned about finances, there are options available to you that will allow you to begin your career without having incurred debt. 

Pursue a Traditional College Path

One way to start a career without debt is to pursue a traditional college path. Seek out scholarships and financial aid to pay for your schooling. You can save money on college by living at home, if possible. Once in college, consider pursuing a major related to a stable career path. While in college, gain experience by completing internships in your chosen field to help you determine what careers you are most interested in. Make good connections with professors who can make job recommendations on your behalf. 

Learn a Trade

If college is not your path, consider learning a trade. Trade schools, also called vocational schools, teach a variety of skills for in-demand jobs, like carpentry, automotive technology, HVAC, and construction management. Being an HVAC technician requires doing a lot of math in the course of your job. Cosmetology schools can help you become a hairstylist or makeup artist. One of the benefits of attending trade school is that you learn skills that directly apply to jobs and you will also likely receive hands-on training. Another benefit is that it takes less time than going to a traditional college. Most programs are only two years.

Work Through School

Another way to make sure that you start your career debt-free is by working through school. The money you earn working can be used to cover your living expenses or to pay off any money you had to borrow for school. Working during school can also benefit your future career if you are able to complete a job or paid internship in your chosen field. If you do not have loans, and your living expenses are paid, you can save up the money you earn working through school to jumpstart your financial future.

While it can be challenging, there are ways to start a career without having incurred debt. Try to align your personal and professional goals with your financial goals. By having a plan, you will be well set to begin earning in your career without having debts to repay.


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