The purpose of education is to prepare us for real-world work experience. However, once one has entered a profession or work force, there are still opportunities for growth that can be achieved through further education. How do we handle pursuing both schooling and work, simultaneously? Having a workable plan, using flexible resources, and combining your career with your education can help you achieve those work and school goals without overwhelming your life.

Create a Workable Plan

Overscheduling yourself is counterproductive! Without a wise balance of time commitment and energy to work, school, and other aspects of your life, you will not perform as you want to within any of those spheres. Establish a vision or end goal for your career or your life, and then begin determining the steps necessary to reach that vision. The most important element of “planning” is to be realistic with your time and capabilities as you work towards your goals, so that you won’t find yourself discouraged or overwhelmed. Finally, be flexible! Your plan will almost certainly have to be altered, reevaluated, and changed according to outside factors. Be patient with yourself and your resources; you will get where you want to be, as long as you are diligent in adhering to your plans.

Take Online Classes

Advances in technology have created an excellent, accessible and affordable means of education for people in any circumstance. With an online course, you don’t have to follow strict class times, giving you more flexibility. Because time management is such a key part of balancing work and school, this is a great resource to take advantage of in order to free you of the constraints of scheduled classes. There is something for everyone; types of classes available are limitless, if you are willing to do the digging to find them!

Combine Your Education With Your Career

Maybe you are already in a career you enjoy, doing something you are passionate about. Further education may open doors within that field, expanding opportunities and introducing you to facets of your work you may end up loving. One way many people combine their school and work efforts is through certification programs, which allow you to gain a specified knowledge or emphasis on a certain topic. What’s more, sometimes companies will even pay for you to take a course (or courses) that certify and qualify you for work they find beneficial to them!

Your education and your career don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are ways you can manage both, each benefitting the other through study and experience. Find ways that work best for you to work towards the educational and professional goals you have for your life!

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