If you want a topic that just about everyone will join you in commiserating on, insurance may be one of the more popular ones. Most people love to hate on insurance, but the fact of the matter is that it’s almost always a lot better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. You probably already have a basic health insurance package. Is there coverage that you might need that you’re missing?

Dental Insurance

Most health insurance packages aren’t going to include dental insurance as part of their coverage. You’ll need to find a separate dental insurance policy instead. Because it amounts to an extra expense, you may be wondering if you really need dental insurance in the first place, especially if you take good care of your teeth. The truth is, it’s still a good idea to carry dental insurance. It can help offset the cost of regular care in addition to any extra work that might be needed, including emergency dental care.

Mental Health Coverage

There’s been a lot of progress made over the last several years in regards to the attention given to mental health. There have been many improvements in mental health treatment for anxiety and other disorders. There have also been improvements made in terms of the coverage for mental health services offered by health insurance policies. Many policies today offer coverage for mental health services, especially those offered by the marketplace. If you get your insurance through your job, look at it carefully to see if it covers these types of services.

Long-Term Care Insurance

This one’s probably a little down the road for you, but it’s still worth talking about. You might think that health insurance, or at least Medicare, would help pay for a stay at a nursing home or similar facility, given that a lot of what happens there is focused on your health. That’s not necessarily the case though. In a majority of cases, if you want help paying for nursing home care, you’ll need long-term care insurance of some sort. That is, as long as you’re there because you need help with activities of daily living, rather than because you’re working through a rehabilitation program designed to help you regain critical skills, such as would be the case during an intense physical therapy program.

Basic health insurance policies are pretty common these days. Basic isn’t always good enough though. Things like dental insurance and long-term care insurance can also make a pretty big difference for those who carry them. It doesn’t hurt to make sure the health insurance policy you’re carrying includes mental health coverage as well. Taking care of yourself can be expensive. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have the insurance you need to give yourself a hand when you need it most.

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