You have a long and intimidating list of tasks to complete each day, and only 24 hours—or, really, 16 or so hours if you’re getting sufficient sleep—to get them all done! Staying productive all day is a feat of endurance and strategy! Here are a few things that will help you get the most productivity out of your day, every day.

Front-Load Your Work

The first step to an effectively planned day is to list your tasks and prioritize them. Once you have identified your one or two biggest tasks, schedule them first. With your brain fully reset and your body energized after a good night’s sleep, your mornings are often your most effective time of day to get things done. By tackling the most important things first you are not only dedicating your best brain hours to their success, but you can feel confident that even if you fall behind on other tasks, you will have accomplished a respectable amount of things with your day!

Remember to Eat

Speaking of prioritizing, your health should not be buried under a pile of emails and spreadsheets or deadlines and meetings. The health of your mind and body directly impact the quality of your work. Therefore, make sure that you are fueling your body right! Eating breakfast (even a small one) will get your body’s digestive system started and wake up your brain. Taking your time to eat a healthy lunch avoids digestive issues that harm your productivity. Dinner time can be a helpful opportunity for relaxation, socialization, or just a time to really enjoy your food! Give yourself the right nutrients, routinely. Healthy meals, and even snacks throughout the day, will help your mind and body refocus and energize for the tasks you need to complete.

Give Yourself Healthy Incentives

There’s nothing wrong with some good incentive. Come up with some positive, healthy motives for each task you check off your list. A small treat, a brief walk, a social call, a quick nap or a scheduled chunk of time for a hobby are all good things, and shouldn’t be considered a waste of time when they’re done in moderation and responsibly. In fact, having these incentives to look forward to can increase your focus and effectiveness during your scheduled work times.

Set yourself up for not only a good day but a successful one! Keep your work time effective and your brain and body up to the task, and you will reap the rewards of an extra productive day.

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