There are a few things that you simply can’t get around in life. Death and taxes are two of the most famous but working and earning a living are perhaps the most pervasive and demanding constants in life. And while working a job results in financial compensation, it is not uncommon to feel like you aren’t getting everything you want out of a job. What you get from your job, however, can be up to you to some extent. Here are a few things that you can do to maximize the value you get out of your job.

Get Your Matching Contributions

The first thing that you must do to get more value out of your job is to get your matching contributions. If you aren’t taking advantage of your employers 401(k) contribution match, you are literally leaving money sitting on the table. At most businesses, your employer will match a percentage of your contributions to your 401(k), giving you more money in your retirement account. This can amount to thousands of dollars in compensation every year and is something that everyone should be doing at their job to get the most value possible from it.

Advantage of Insurance Benefits

In order to get the most value of your job, you should also be taking full advantage of your insurance benefits. Most businesses offer a collection of employee benefits, which often includes health coverage, dental coverage, and vision coverage. But many benefits packages offer you the opportunity to get other kinds of insurance which can be just as valuable. Disability insurance covers physical injuries as well as illnesses. If your employer offers disability insurance, you can get more value out of your job by signing up for it and taking out a policy.

Learn New Skills

The final thing that you can and should do to get more value out of your job is to learn new skills on the job. Whether you are picking up skills in an industry that interests you, learning how the business is run, or anything else, it will benefit you. The skills that you gain across your work experience can be what helps you get a promotion, a raise, or what allows you to start your own business or become a freelancer and take your skills to market yourself.


Working a job isn’t always fun. But if you know how, you can maximize the value your job offers you to get the most from your labor. Make sure that you are doing these three things to get the most value from your job.

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