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The reason for that is the psychology based pedigree of our programs.

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We are different because we offer programs from our bite sized 2–3 hour events right through to our comprehensive 12-month Results Program.

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Total Focus Workshop

Thousands of participants have attended Total Focus group  workshops conducted by our YB12 Coaches worldwide.

Audiences from major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, community groups, and public audiences including teenagers have benefited from the Total Focus materials.  Participants find this workshop to be inspirational, and in many cases, a defining point in their lives.

More on the Total Focus Workshops below.

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We have a long and successful 25-year history with more than 200,000 people having already attended our workshops, introductory seminars and our one-on-one coaching sessions.

This proven system allows you to achieve the things you say you really want to achieve, and become who you say you want to become.  Contact us today and learn more about the difference the YB12 systems can have on your life!


Short, sharp and powerful. These two half-day workshops are delivered to your employee group or public groups as a call to action. The focus is on beating procrastination, self-analysis to determine areas of improvement, mind mastery to help participants to think above the crowd, and our A–Z action planning process and emotional management subjects to empower your team members to meet the challenge of change. This is followed by our 90-day challenge to Change.



Gaining clarity about personal goals and lifetime achievements through an honest self-analysis.



The development of a structured day-to-day plan to assist in staying focused and on purpose to achieve these goals.



The emotional management tools to negotiate life, regardless of prevailing circumstances, but importantly, to become empowered to win.



Mind Mastery tools to help participants think above the crowd, in new and different ways.



Our 90-day challenge to assist in meeting the challenge of change.


Free Promotion

Part of the promotional efforts for the upcoming Total Focus Workshop Terry is giving away for FREE a 1 hour presentation, in your office, on how to beat procrastination.  If you feel your team would benefit from learning these valuable skills contact us and schedule your time today!  Limited time available  Some restrictions apply.

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