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Interview Coaching

Has it been a while since your last interview?  Have you been interviewing but not gotten a call back?  Most companies see many applicants before making a decision so it’s easy to see how you could get lost in the process.    

Learn best practices and techniques that can keep you where you want to be, in the mind of the hiring manager.  If you are new to interviewing learn everything you need to know to make sure you are as confident as possible.  We provide you with more information than you think you need to make sure you are prepared for any situation that arises.

Career Coaching

Not sure where you want to take your career?  Do you know but are struggling on how to make it happen?  Our goal is to help you make that move to where you want to go.

We help all levels of experience from those looking for internships to executives looking to take on new challenges.

What we do is partner with you to help you lay out a plan or strategy to help you get the job you want.  We work on interview skills, your resume, and self branding and marketing skills to make you stand out above the competition.

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Resume writing

Today’s job market is not an easy one.  You no longer have someone reviewing every resume that is sent to see if someone is best for a position.  Instead companies us AI to narrow the field leaving many qualified candidates out.  

This is because of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that looks for certain criteria and makes the initial decision if you will go on for further review.Make sure you make it past this screening with a fresh ATS optimized resume.  We either revamp your existing resume or create a new one from scratch.  Either way we work to make sure you’re seen by the hiring manager.


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